CD ripping, data backup, duplication or converting DVD movies to media centers now take only few mouse clicks. With Nimbie USB Plus, the affordable multi-functional disc autoloader, you are freed from boring jobs of manual disc loading.

Music Applications Data Burning / Archiving Video / Home Theater

Protect Valuable Data for 1,000 Years

Nimbie USB Plus NB21MBR support the latest M-Disc™ technology, information can be engraved into a patented rock-like layer of M-Disc™ DVD or Blu-ray, which can last 1,000 years and endures exposure in heat, humidity and light.

High Speed Blu-ray Writing

Nimbie USB Plus is SuperSpeed USB 3.0 compatible. With maximum transfer bandwidth of 5Gb/s , Blu-ray writing with USB 3.0 is not only 10 times faster than with USB 2.0, but also more stable.

Compact with Disc Capacity up to 100!

Nimbie USB Plus's patented robotic design is compact, reliable and efficient. The open loader design has disc capacity of 100, and it allows disc refills at any time without interrupting on going project.

Reject Mechanism for Non-Stop Operation

Nimbie automatically ejects bad copies and resumes its current project. Projects don't get hung up by one bad disc, and bad copies are always separated from the good ones.

Where to buy

Order your Nimbie USB Plus through online stores today.

USA/Canada: Acronova Store

Other Regions: Datatronics Store

Full Color Disc Labeling

Nimbie USB Plus can be used with Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y to burn and print discs automatically in one seamless process.

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